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Learn German - Free Online Tutorials

Free Online German Tutorials are a great way to start testing your learning habits and determine your learning type without investing in expensive text books or language learning software. Some tutorials are quite entertaining also. There is nothing better than if you are actually enjoying the process of learning. Some tutorials use pictures instead of pure vocabulary. While this may seem to be suitable for children - it also helps students of any age to learn a language in a way that is enjoyable.

German for Beginners – Hauptstraße 117

  • An Autonomous Technology-Assisted Language Learning Program German for Beginners to acquire a firm basic knowledge of the German language.
  • A German course for adults and young people wishing to learn German. / Beginners and improvers wishing to brush up their language skills.
  • The core of the course, a video series for beginners, is a soap opera, although this one is with true stories and real people. The DVD shows us the feelings, hopes, problems and chances of people in Germany during the times of globalization.

German for Travellers

  • Online lessons with audio examples and online exercises, teaching short sentences, the alphabet, numbers, grammar including nouns, verbs, adjectives, word order, prepositions and many external links
  • There are many free explanations of grammar, vocabulary with sound, full access for a charge of $15.95
  • It offers also exercises (text-only, with videos, pictures and audio).
  • The exercises with audio are quite nice: It offers writing exercises (listen to a phrase and then write it)
  • It provides also a forum and travel tips

Single Serving

  • This is a great website that offers a 4-page PDF-booklet with the most important German phrases and downloadable MP3-audios

Learn German

  • 100% Free Online eCourse, handy phrases
  • Vocabulary, tips on how to learn a language and much, much more.

Webgerman Animated Tutorial

  • Animated German grammar tutorials
  • Powerpoint Presentations and other media formats

Atantot - German Resources for the Interactive Whiteboard

  • Very colourful, with graphic elements

Abroad Languages - German

  • Games for Learning German
  • German Level Test
  • German Forum
  • Find Penpals in Germany


  • A very nice interactive course for beginners

Alien Language

  • Alien Language is an online Computer Assisted Learning site, designed to support the teaching of 'Parts of the body' in Modern Foreign Languages to school children aged 11-14, although it may be used by any age

Hennings Haus

  • Play some great games which will help improve your knowledge of German. Even if you are a complete beginner.
  • Play the games, collect the tokens and see if you can make it into the Hennings Haus Top Ten. Good Luck!


  • Very colourful, with graphic elements
  • Vocabulary and grammar

BBC Language Tutorial

  • A large number of interactive tutorials for students of all levels, including beginners, intermediate students and students preparing for their GCSE exams and others   
  • There is a 12 question test to figure out which level you are at. Then it advices you which course suits you better
  • It offers a online course for beginner, a Talk German (A course with TV series, book and website) and Deutsch Plus (A longer course with TV series, book and website)
  • There is an option where you can see a lesson based on the context (for instance: Greetings - then you get a cultural explanation about this subject)
  • "Clean" design


  • A free tutorial with basic phrases, useful word, directions, color and shape - also a little grammar explanation
  • No exercises