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German Grammar Links

The German grammar is the single most severe cause for frustration among students of the German language. Three genders to memorize with no reliable rules to figure out what is male, female or neutral - nouns whose endings change depending on the context. Many students give up because they think they will never get the grammar right. However, the key is to accept that we cannot be perfect at certain things and that most native Germans also make many errors when writing and speaking. 

Deutschkurs - German Grammar

  • Very comprehensive overview of German Grammar
  • It offers a chat and a forum
  • It is free
  • Exercises related to the explained topics

German Grammar Review & Exercises

  • One of the best and completely free German grammar Tutorials

Tom's Deutschseite

  • German grammar explained by a native German
  • Very comprehensive collection of German grammar explanation and exercises
  • Includes downloadable summaries as PDF documents

Grammar of German

  • A grammar tutorial, also containing units on pronunciation, conversations, vocabulary, exercises for practicing and testing grammar as well as vocabulary skills

Canoo.net Grammar Reference

  • A great grammar reference. Type a verb in the search box and click on "inflection" to see all its forms; doing this for a noun shows you its plural and Genitive forms, and whether it's an N-noun.
  • Or just explore the site to see all the other info available

Verbix.com Online Conjugator

  • Simple On-line Conjugator

University of Michigan - Grammar Explanations

  • They have a very useful grammar tutorial


  • Methodically and clearly presented but few examples and no exercises

University of Houston Grammar Reference

  • A reference grammar assembled by the University of Houston
  • No exercises

Unltralingua - Conjugation

  • German grammar and verb conjugation

German Language Grammar Course

  • German grammar, greetings, numbers, sayings and idioms and more   

German Pronunciation by W&M College

  • An audio-enhanced guide to German pronunciation
  • The site looks rather simple but is very useful   

German Grammar by W&M College

  • Explanations and exercises about the explained subjects