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Learn German Words Now

You just want to learn some German words now without really investing in learning an entire language?

You just need to learn some basic German phrases - maybe because you are travelling to Germany and want to get along witout somebody always helping you out?

Check out this section to teach you the very very basics of German. Let's not lose any more time - here it is our
Learn German Words Now Initiative

Most teachers will hate us for this but to make it easier for you we will give you the English word, ther German word as it is spelled and then the German word as it is pronounced (we don't use the phonetic language for that but rather imitate how the German word would be written in English if pronounced in correct German):
So if you don't want to bother with writing in German or reading anything in German just speak the columns on the right just like you would do in English.

The Basic German Words

 English German   Pronounciation
 Yes Ja  Yaa (like in Yahoo) 
 No Nein  Nine (just like the number 9) 
 Please Bitte  Bitter 

 Thank You

Danke  Donkey 
 Hello Guten Tag   gooten tuck
 Bye  Wiedersehen  weeder zen


Easy German Words that are similar to English

 English German   Pronounciation
 House Haus house
 Mouse Maus mouse 
 Taxi Taxi  tekk-si


Hotel hotel
 Bus Bus  boose 


German Numbers

 English German   Pronounciation
 0  Null  null
 1  Eins   aihns
 2  Zwei   swai


 Drei   drai
 4  Vier  fear
 5  Fünf  funf
 6  Sechs  sex
 7  Sieben  sieben 
 8  Acht  acht
 9  Neun  noin 
 10  Zehn  zen