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Learn German Online

My Collection Of Best Free Learn German Resources online

Welcome to this unique collection of online material for learning German on the Internet. If you want to learn German you have probably encountered that this is not an easy language at all. You are right. I am a native German and I have to tell you honestly that even for us this language is a challenge. On this site I have put together the best material available on the net in many weeks of hard research - elimitating redundant material - picking out the websites and products that provide the most value for you. I am adding new quality sites on a regular basis. So be sure to check regularly.

Free Online Tutorials
 Introduction to German using free tutorials and
 online examples. Tutorials are small courses that

 give you a good introduction to the German
 language in the form of a small lesson, 
 illustration or a game.
Many of the German tutorials cover only
 a specific topic so you might have to go through
 several of them to get a complete overview.

Learning Tips for Students
 General tips how to learn German and
 general language learning methods.
 How you appoach a new language like
 German determines your rate of success.
 Many people get frustrated by the
 complexity and all the exceptions.
 These tips are designed to be a first aid
 you if you think you are drowning in facts
 and details.

 Online Courses
 Mostly complete courses with text book passages
 grammar and exercises. Real online courses are
 rare. A course is usually made up of several
 chapters and enables you to learn about 
 different aspects of the German language.

German Online Exercises
 German exercises and tests in several
 difficulty levels. This is good if you want to
 test your level of German to determine
 your knowledge. Also for the DAF exam
 you need to prepare using sample
 exercises. Some of the exercies use
 pictures - there are also recommendations
 for the use of flash cards.

 German Grammar
 Sites focused on German grammar with
 examples. The German grammar is rather
 complicated. However, we show you how you
 can use your knowledhe of the English grammar
 to better understand the German grammar.
 The sites recommended don't offer complete
 courses but talk about the German grammar
 in general.

German Dictionaries
 Sites that enable you to look up words and
 to translate phrases or web pages online.
 Up to now this is a collection of the best
 German-to-English and English-to-German
 dictionaties. I am also listing sites that
 translate entire phrases.

German Language Schools
 Links to German schools in English
 speaking countries. Currently has schools in the
 US, UK, Australia.

Study in Germany
 Links to programs for studying abroad and
 learning German in Germany. Also lists
 German language schools in Germany.

Learn German Products
 Review of professional German Language
 products and software.

Learn German Textbooks
 German Textbooks that can be bought

How to Learn German online

Before your start signing up for an expensive German course or investing in textbooks take your time to review the tips and resources on this site. They were conducted with special care and many weeks of hard work. The tips and recommendations on this site are specifically compiled for an English speaking individual who wants to learn German.

The problem with most sites on the net that deal with this topic is that they are in German. While this might be useful for the advanced student it is not appropriate for someone who is just starting out.

If you want to get started quickly you don't have to spend a great deal of money. Many resources are free. You just have to find them. Learn German Links is intended for the beginner who wants to look for free information on learning the German language. While there are also links included to German language schools as well as advanced software products I would suggest you start with the free stuff and then once you have gotten an impression move on to the professional products. The range of products is huge and many times people end up paying too much for the same information that they could have had much cheaper or for free. The tutorials and exercises I recommend are the ones that were found to be appropriate for beginners. All of them - except for the software - were reviewed by a native German speaker.

We have excluded material that is of sole academic nature. Learn German Links focuses on material for speaking contemporary German. We are carefully selecting sites that offer true value to the user. We try to avoid sites that seem to be polluted with advertisement or only contain products with no additional information.